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  • 19 Aug 2019 5:40 PM | Laxmi R (Administrator)

    Anger Management Group Membership Becoming an Anger Management Group member of The Mind Research Foundation puts you in excellent company with experts who understand Anger and Anger Management more than anyone else. The membership helps you to understand more about your self and the real reasons of your anger. It helps you get more alternatives to resolve your

    The Mind Research Foundation 1 year Anger Management Group Membership has the following benefits:

    1. Get regular updates on ways to manage and divert your Anger.

    2. Be a part of Anger Management Seminars and Anger Management Group Discussions held online to understand more about anger problems and how to mange the same.

    3. Get invited to Events, Voluntary Assignments, Anger Management Group Discussions and be eligible to participate.

    4. Get introduced to other people who share similar problems and have an opportunity to discuss and share your thoughts anonymously.

    5. Become a part of more than 10,000 people who trust and support us in our efforts.

  • 19 Aug 2019 5:37 PM | Laxmi R (Administrator)

    Importance of Mental Health As a child when I read the story of the spider trying to climb the wall, falling multiple times before it finally reached the top and yes, the moral of the story being “Try Try Try until you succeed”, it sounded very simple. Lot of things felt simple as a child.

    I would look at my elder siblings with envy and often think they are so lucky that they get to do all this while I am stuck doing my school homework. Now that I am all grown up and ready to spread my own wings, I find myself having the opposite reaction to everything that once excited me. Of course, our maturity increases with age but there is a difference between growing up and losing yourself. All the enthusiasm, confidence I had as a child has been replaced with anxiety and self-doubt. When I look back wondering why so, I don’t have an answer. My childhood was a picnic so that didn’t influence these emotions. In that case what did?

    My mind was making horrific images of all matters I would come across which made the smallest challenges seem extremely difficult to get over. I was seeing things in black and white. What looked relatively easy to my peers seemed like a gigantic task for me. People liked me for who I was so I never felt the need to change. I continued life thinking this is normal never seeking answers for such change in my personality. There were more questions and very few answers to all the negative thoughts that were running through my mind.

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